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パブリックドメイン画像を使った壁紙集積サイト 総数:1

Two people riding a drift ice covering the sea

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Two people riding a drift ice covering the sea: Smartphone Free wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper photo for smartphone to introduce.
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Note: It consists of automatic translation

Two people riding a drift ice covering the sea

On the sea surface where drift ice covers, I take pictures of the two men and women riding in drift ice as wallpaper for smartphones.

The drift ice is covered all over the sea surface
Astonishingly large ice floes are also flowing far from the screen.

As the idiom is to have the word “a corner of an iceberg”
The part that is coming out of the ocean as drift ice is only a corner of the iceberg.
Much of the drift ice is sinking in the sea. Thinking that way
This unit is understood to be a very cold place where drift ice flows so much.

The land can be seen in the back of the photo
It is covered with ice and even seems to be smoking with snow still.

Although it is the end of one volume when falling in such a drift ice
How do they both ride on drift ice?

By the way, there is also a thing called “drift ice tour” as sightseeing
In Japan it is also done in Hokkaido etc.
I got a dry suit and got on top of drift ice
Swim with ice floes. It is said that there is also an amazing tour of that.
Are these two of them also one of them?

Of course, this photo is also in “public domain”
Because it is a published photo, even if it is a wallpaper of a smartphone, it can be set without problem such as copyright.
Of course, I will offer it free of charge so please rest assured. It is reusable.

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You do not have to bother to set the image to download it
You can easily set it to wallpaper.


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