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パブリックドメイン画像を使った壁紙集積サイト 総数:1

Reflected in the water spreading at the feet of men

time 2016/11/29

Reflected in the water spreading at the feet of men

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Reflected in the water spreading at the feet of men: Smartphone Free wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper photo for smartphone to introduce.
“Download” at the bottom.You can choose with.
Note: It consists of automatic translation

Reflected in the water spreading at the feet of men

Thin water on the concrete
A wallpaper for smartphones that captures the silhouette of a person standing in front of you as a water mirror and caught up.

I have an interesting composition. Rather than taking people from the front.
Photographs the silhouette of the person reflected on the water surface that has flowed into the concrete.
From the swaying water surface that person is what kind of expression
I can not make a decision until I’m such a person
Personally, I get the impression that I am a man.
There are also men’s somewhere somewhere wearing shoes.

Mirror is a thing that was used frequently since long ago
Until the present mirror is invented, to confirm her own face
There is no mistake in saying what was being used.

Incidentally, there is the word “mirror image recognition” which recognizes himself reflected in the mirror.
It is highly intelligent that he can firmly recognize and recognize himself and others
It is made possible, and it is not easy for people other than human beings to be equipped.

Occasionally animals head towards the mirror with fun images
I do not know myself threatening behaviors etc
It is because there is no mirror image recognition.

Of course, this photo is also in “public domain”
Because it is a published photo, even if it is a wallpaper of a smartphone, it can be set without problem such as copyright.
Of course, I will offer it free of charge so please rest assured. It is reusable.

Download for wallpaper by resolution for smartphone from here

Utilization is in accordance with the resolution suited to each smartphone
You do not have to bother to set the image to download it
You can easily set it to wallpaper.


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