Smartphone Free wallpaper:public domain

パブリックドメイン画像を使った壁紙集積サイト 総数:1

A female model hiding an orange flower and one eye

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A female model hiding an orange flower and one eye: Smartphone Free wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper photo for smartphone to introduce.
“Download” at the bottom.You can choose with.
Note: It consists of automatic translation

A female model hiding an orange flower and one eye

Wallpaper of a female model wearing girly costumes and hiding one eye with hair as a wallpaper for smartphones.

A female model clad in girly costumes.
Collect the hair as if it hangs on one eye and hold it with one hand
I will give a gaze to the camera.
With what, have you taken such a posing?
It can not be judged from the isolated reality of photograph.

A woman who is supposed to be a subject is suppressed a little downward
Trees with orange flowers that are supposed to be background
I take a picture so that I can see it on purpose.
There is an intention as a photographer there
It may be meaningful not to put a female model that should be the subject in the center.

I do not show my legs and I do not take under the waist.
And, pose which she hides one eye for some reason.
The composition taken away from the center.

It is somewhere sad that you can feel from various things
Somewhere I am fragile, I feel some shudder somewhere.
It seems like a ghost that appeared to the real world.

By the way, I think that it will be the same place and model as this photo .
How about trying to make wallpaper in series?

Of course, this photo is also in “public domain”
Because it is a published photo, even if it is a wallpaper of a smartphone, it can be set without problem such as copyright.
Of course, I will offer it free of charge so please rest assured. It is reusable.

Download for wallpaper by resolution for smartphone from here

Utilization is in accordance with the resolution suited to each smartphone
You do not have to bother to set the image to download it
You can easily set it to wallpaper.


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