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パブリックドメイン画像を使った壁紙集積サイト 総数:1

A thick cloud covering the mountains

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A thick cloud covering the mountains: Smartphone Free wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper photo for smartphone to introduce.
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Note: It consists of automatic translation

A thick cloud covering the mountains

A wallpaper for smartphones that captures the moment when an ominous cloud is hit in a high mountain range and covers the top of the mountain.

A thick and sinister cloud is applied to cover the high mountains.
It can be inferred from the thickness of the cloud which is thick cloud
A thick cloud covers up to the sky that surrounds the surroundings.

If the mountaineers were attacking the summit at such a time
How hard it is supposed to be. It goes without saying that it is impossible to imagine.

Sometimes mountaineers climb as there are mountains. I use the word saying
It is difficult to understand easily.

But what about thinking this way?
When I was a child, when there was a puddle, did not we casually jump over and jumped over?
Is not it something like that? And I think.

Jump over the puddle. The action
It is also a challenge to the limits of my physical ability.
If you do not have enough jumping power you will have to put your feet in the puddle
While having a risk of spoiling afterwards due to shoes’ shoes
I want to study my physical abilities and fly and see.

Just like that, I want to know the limits of my physical ability
Will the mountaineers climb mountains?

Well, there is no doubt that it is not easy to mountain climbing this mountain of circumstances w

Of course, this photo is also in “public domain”
Because it is a published photo, even if it is a wallpaper of a smartphone, it can be set without problem such as copyright.
Of course, I will offer it free of charge so please rest assured. It is reusable.

Download for wallpaper by resolution for smartphone from here

Utilization is in accordance with the resolution suited to each smartphone
You do not have to bother to set the image to download it
You can easily set it to wallpaper.


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